In January, just a couple weeks ago, for the first time ever Casa de Kids journeyed with 8 of our students to Mexico City. The 8 were chosen from our student body by lottery and were comprised of 4 female and 4 male students.

The trip was six days and we traveled to Mexico City in a van. Most of the students had never been to the country’s capital city, and many had never left their state of Oaxaca. So, this was a huge deal for them, on many levels. At Casa de Kids, we feel strongly that becoming a healthy and strong adult in society requires a strong sense of self and this includes positive self-esteem and personal identity. Most of our students come from tiny rural villages and most have little concept of the world beyond their village or town, apart from television, nor an understanding of their country’s origins, apart from textbooks. 

None of them had ever been in a skyscraper, ridden a subway, or toured the ancient Aztec ruins which helped launch their country over a thousand years ago. As they experienced the pyramids of Teotihuacan, saw the National Cathedral, the Museum of Anthropology, and saw the historic national buildings, they gained a broader sense of their home country and how they fit into it. 
One highlight of the trip for many was to view the city from the Latino America Tower’s 42nd floor. Another highlight was attending an evening folkloric dance performance at the Castle overlooking the city (El Castillo de Chapultepec). Thank you to our donors who made this trip possible! 

CdK student, Jesus, 20, who attended the trip, has been in our program since 2016. He is now enrolled in Law at La Salle University. He gave us this feedback:  

Thank you for the trip, it was an awesome experience. I had fun, but for me the most important was what I learned about the history of our country, which we usually ignore or we know of but haven’t had the chance to go to, to see (which is sad because it’s part of our identity as Mexicans). Also this was an occasion to meet new worlds and realize the diversity that there is, as well as other lifestyles, i.e. what we want for our lives, as you, Drew, suggested when we spoke of thinking positively to live well and abundantly. For me the most powerful moment was standing in front of the National Court (since I’m studying Law). Thank you to you and Pamela and all donors who work with the intention of creating educated people in every sense, because you’re helping us to have a better future and society.

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