Mishell’s Story of Passion

Mishell’s Story of Passion New student Mishell has always been passionate about the arts. Now that she has finished high school she is determined to continue studying. But since she’s the oldest of three siblings (in a single-income family) her career aspirations can not be taken for granted. Mishell’s father works as a construction worker when…


Landmark Trip to Mexico City

In January, just a couple weeks ago, for the first time ever Casa de Kids journeyed with 8 of our students to Mexico City. The 8 were chosen from our student body by lottery and were comprised of 4 female and 4 male students. The trip was six days and we traveled to Mexico City…


Meeting Isabel

New student Isabel is motivated to finish her education and to start a career. She strives to help her mom and her two sons she adopted because they’d been abandoned. She is now finishing her last year to become a school teacher. Although she is only 25, she is a superb example of courage! She wakes up…


Meeting Montse: “I am not alone”

Coming from a small town in the Mixteca region, Montserrat (Montse), age 25, grew up helping street dogs. Her passion for animals began early in life and inspired her to leave her family behind to become a Veterinary doctor. She came to Oaxaca, our state’s capital for her education. In CdK’s class of 2020, she graduated…


Our Unforgettable Journey

by Tom & Karen, friends of CdK Our Unforgettable Journey We, Karen and Tom, accepted an offer from Drew at Casa de Kids to visit an indigenous village in the Chinantla area of the Sierra Norte mountains of Oaxaca. Our journey was unforgettable. The best part was getting to know our host and CdK student, Eraclio. He…


A Jungle Village

A Jungle Village Our State of Oaxaca has some 32,000 rural villages. Many are very isolated due to distance and mountains that are difficult to navigate. Understanding the worlds our students come from helps us help them adjust to a modern world.When young people come from these villages to work or study here in the capital,…


A Student Interview with Mayra

A Student Interview with Mayra by Pam Vazquez, March 4, 2021 Pam: Tell us about your life before CdK, like the issues or problems you were facing? Mayra: Before getting into the program, I went to sell in the street as I do now, snacks like jellos and pudding. But it was difficult. I felt a…

Day of the dead event

Day of the Dead 2019

emories of last year’s Day of the Dead event in Sarasota, FL. Special thanks to Larry and Denise Monaco for hosting such a successful fundraiser.


Student Ingenuity

Pablo Aragon has graduated from college a year ago. He secured a teaching job last fall here in Oaxaca. Pablo lost his job due to the pandemic and is waiting in his hometown for it to subside. While at home, he’s been busy working in the fields with his father, and creating beautiful embroidery with…