Casa de Kids is actively assisting kids who are most in need. We are caring for disadvantaged youth who need food and shelter, and then an education to help break the cycles of poverty.

Since 2008, CdK co-founder and president, Drew Vogt, has:

  • delivered over 1,800 articles of clothes, personal hygiene necessities, and school supplies
  • benefited students who have received a cumulative 45 years of education
  • funded school books, uniforms, and tuition

Our Program – Empowerment through education     We make education possible for orphans and disadvantaged youth who would not be able to go to school without assistance. We support them from elementary school through college and university. If they need housing, food, school books, or uniforms, we provide it. Our assistance also includes school registration fees, tuition, mentoring, and professional tutorial classes. To date, 99% of our students have stayed in school earning exceptional grades, and go on to graduate from college or university.

If every child received an education 171 million people would be lifted out of poverty.

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