New student Isabel is motivated to finish her education and to start a career. She strives to help her mom and her two sons she adopted because they’d been abandoned. She is now finishing her last year to become a school teacher. 
Although she is only 25, she is a superb example of courage! She wakes up each morning to feed her two boys and then sends them to school. Isabel’s mother works cleaning houses in the mountains, at a distance. But since the COVID pandemic started, she’s been living at a client’s house in order to reduce exposure to the public. Isabel has not seen her mother in two years. 
Living with her two adoptive children and her mother’s friend, Isabel remains hopeful about the future. Soon, after graduation, she aims to get a job teaching elementary school.
We (Pamela and Drew) visited Isabel in her home where she rents a couple rooms. Her sons are: Miguel (13) and Gabriel (10).

Read the mini interview Pam conducted, and translated from Spanish

Pamela (P): Can you tell us your story in a few sentences?

Isabel (I): I come from a very low income family, I am really looking forward to moving away from poverty and succeeding in life. I would really like to help my mom so she doesn’t have to work so much. 

P: What are the major challenges you’ve faced?

I: Poverty, and an abusive father.

P:  What motivated you to attend university?

I: Because I want to do better economically, for my mother and my children. Everything is harder without a good job, so I need to have a tool that will help me succeed.

P:  What inspires you to finish your studies?

I:  My mother is my motivation, she’s what inspires me to finish and to get out of poverty. 

P: What do you wish to accomplish once you get your degree?

I: I would like to get a job. If God allows it, I want to work and help all the children who are in-need. 

P: What challenges have you accepted to help your community?

I:  Becoming an adoptive mom at the young age of 15; I adopted two little boys who’d been abandoned. I had to commit to care for them for many years. Now I know that the sacrifice was worth it because they are taking their studies seriously. 

P:  What would you like to say to our CdK donors who have helped you finish your education?

I: I am forever grateful. I hope that God rewards them for their good actions to assist with your our education

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