Coming from a small town in the Mixteca region, Montserrat (Montse), age 25, grew up helping street dogs. Her passion for animals began early in life and inspired her to leave her family behind to become a Veterinary doctor. She came to Oaxaca, our state’s capital for her education. In CdK’s class of 2020, she graduated last year as a Veterinarian. She is now giving back! 

Here is the interview

Pam:  When did you join the CdK program, and what was your life like then?

Montse: I joined the program two years ago, during my 8th semester of university. Back then I found it really hard to gather the money for my required academic service. I was in a very difficult situation, having to work and study at the same time. Joining the CdK program was a huge relief for me which enabled me to make the required trips for work experience in other states.  

Pamela: Why did you contact Casa de Kids?

Montse: Basically because of the stress I was under. Since I’m not from Oaxaca city, I had to pay rent here, and tuition, field experience costs, etc.

Pam: How did you hear about CdK?

Montse: A friend of mine who was already in the program told me “I see you are very stressed out, you should check out CdK and meet Andres”. I was very nervous because I’d never interacted with a foreigner. So, my friend came with me to my first interview. 

Pam: How has CdK helped you?

Montse: Casa de Kids has helped me a lot through economic support, but also they have helped me with my social interactions. I have become more confident and thus more social, I have made new friends by attending the CdK mini-class-dinners, and the gatherings have helped me overcome my nervousness.

Pam: With our support, what is your life life now?

Montse: This support has encouraged me since I know I am not alone, that somebody has my back. Now I know that If I have a problem, or I need anything I can reach out to Andres (Drew) or you for support. Not having family around, can be lonely, and scared to trust people. But I know that I can trust Casa de Kids. 

Pam: Can you share a specific example of when CdK really helped you in an important way?  

Montse: Yes! When CdK paid for my English lessons! The university demanded we have a certain level of English fluency, but these are separate costs outside of my studies. I had to learn English from scratch—and CdK helped me prepare for and pass the requirement. 

Pam: How did you feel when you received this support? 

Montse: Without the pressure to pay for the classes, I felt liberated! 

Pam: If you could speak face-to-face with the donors who helped fund this change in your life, what would you say?

Montse: I don’t know how to thank them enough. A lot of the times I had such a hard time gathering the funds that I needed, but the donors made it possible. I wish I could thank them in person. I am so grateful to each one of them. 


  1. Tom & Consuelo | July 17, 2021 at 12:41 pm

    We wish Montse continued success. We know that Mexico needs veterinary professionals desperately and we congratulate CdK for giving Montse the support she deserves. We really appreciate the news about the participants in the Casa.

    • Pam | July 17, 2021 at 2:04 pm

      Thank you Tom for being a great support for the youth of Casa de Kids!


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