A Student Interview with Mayra

by Pam Vazquez, March 4, 2021

Pam: Tell us about your life before CdK, like the issues or problems you were facing?

Mayra: Before getting into the program, I went to sell in the street as I do now, snacks like jellos and pudding. But it was difficult. I felt a lot of stress when the school consumed a lot of time. And I felt pressured to get home from school to prepare everything for the jellos and other desserts, and then get out to sell them. I was drained of energy and money due to paying for school registration fees and materials. I felt stressed out.  

Pam: Why, or what incident, made you realize that you needed support?

Mayra: One day a teacher of mine told me about the organization (Casa de Kids) and I found it very interesting. I realized it was an opportunity to get some help with school, registration fees, and materials, so that I wouldn’t feel so stressed out. I also thought that with CdK support I would be able to be more “present” for mom and her illness. It was very important.

Pam: How has CdK helped you or your family?

Mayra: Casa de Kids helps me whenever I need materials. Or if I run into any medical issues, like last time when they paid for my medical exams and medication. Also regarding school registration, they helped me with most of it and that helps me feel less stressed and more relaxed.

Pam: Now that you have received support from CdK, what is your life like? 

Mayra: I believe with CdK’s support, when I am done with my studies I can have more opportunities, I will succeed in what I am doing. Also, once I finish my studies I’d like to continue studying. I want to get my Masters Degree in Elementary school education. 

Pam: Can you tell me of a specific moment in which the CdK program helped you? 

Mayra: When I had to do my university field practice, teaching outside of the city, I had to travel there and eat. I had to go to a community where I was a stranger, and I did’t have enough money to travel. Casa de Kids helped me with the transportation costs so that I could do my field practice. 

Pam: How did you feel when you received the help you describe? 

Mayra: I felt relieved, I was under a lot of stress, not being able to fulfill my practices due to the lack of money and I was afraid it was going to affect my grades.

Pam: How did the help you received resolve the problem?

Mayra: I was able to complete my practices in time. And they went great!

Pam: If you were to speak face-to-face with the donors who helped fund this change in your life, what would you say?

Mayra: Most of all I would like to thank them for their contributions, they are so important because they help us, the students to fulfill our dreams, and what we need.

Pam: If you hadn’t gotten the support you got from CdK, how do you imagine your life would be?

Mayra: I would have found it very difficult to finish my career. Probably I would not have completed my education.

Pam: And if you, as you say, would have dropped from university, what would you be doing for the next 20 years?

Mayra: I believe I would feel a little bit…..how to explain it…. I would not feel fullfilled, I would feel like I’m missing something, and I would probably be unhappy.

Pam: How many people in your immediate family have completed your level of education?

Mayra: Three, three cousins. 

Pam: What is your goal in life?

Mayra: I would like to become the best teacher, I want to help children. I also like baking. I feel that if I can continue to study for chef then maybe I can have a business and then I can help other people that are in need or in the same situation as I was, that I found it difficult to finish a career.

Pam: With your career, once you finish and you earn a consistent salary what would you like to do with the extra time and money?

Mayra: I would like to buy my own house, is the first thing I would consider doing with the money I earn from my career. I feel it’s important to have your own home and feel a bit more freedom.

Pam: Where would you like to buy your own house?

Mayra: Here! In Oaxaca!

Pam: How do you see yourself in 20 years?

Mayra: I want to become a great teacher, have my own bakery shop and my own house….and probably a family.

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