Casa de Kids celebrated it’s 7th Annual Cinco de Mayo Event online on May 4 & 5th, 2020. Check below what we accomplished as well as news we shared during those days.

7th Annual Cinco de Mayo Event 2020

May 4 & 5


We all did it together–thanks to YOU! For our 7th Annual Cinco de Mayo event (online) we had goal to reach $6,000; and thanks to many, many friends showing their generosity, as of last night, we raised $8,510! (This will cover all our expenses for four months!)

Now we are able to assist our 25 students to complete this academic year with requisites like tuition, school supplies, food, and housing.

Your loving donation IS helping educate youth who are breaking family cycles of poverty!

If you’ve been too busy to see the short videos of our June, 2020, graduates, Jose and Jesus, you can still see them on our website. If you haven’t made a gift yet, or would like to become a monthly donor, please go to our secure website today — and bring hope to a student in need.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Success Stories

We are pleased to introduce you to Jose Alberto. He came to Oaxaca city from a small coastal town in the south part of our state. Intelligent and intuitive, he was one of the first students to come into our program in 2016. His working class family had great difficulty putting him through medical school, but thanks to our Casa de Kids’ donors, he is graduating in June to receive his 5 year medical diploma. He will then continue with two years of hospital internship.
We experienced Jose’s superb leadership skills when he assisted Drew Vogt on the earthquake relief trip in 2017, after his region had been decimated. He headed up the caravan of volunteers, a van, and a semi filled with thousands of items of hygiene, food, sleeping mats, and more. His peaceful and sense of calm fuels his passion to return to his people and be the local health educator and medical doctor.
 You and Casa de Kids are making this success possible!

Our story today is about Jesus Aragon. He was abandoned by his young parents as a baby so his grandparents took him in. They’ve done their best for him but do not have the means to provide a quality education. Showing a ton of initiative, he taught himself English fluently by the time he was 14 years old. While he has a solid 6 year history of being a straight A student, he came into our Casa de Kids program in 2016. Having excelled in a local school he overcame shyness and became his high school student President for two years. He has excelled at La Salle Prep school and is hoping to continue at the neighboring LS University campus. Please help us make this possible as he continues with education to independence and to move beyond poverty. We know he will thrive in the world and then give back to his community.

Your donation today will ensure:

  • 25+ students stay in school through 2020
  • 2 disadvantaged youth can graduate in August
  • 3 new students are admitted into CdK program
  • 2 high school students can continue into university
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