We’d like to introduce you to Jose Alberto, one of our four students in medical school here in Oaxaca city. He comes to us from the tropical, southern part of Oaxaca called Istmo. His parents have manual labor jobs, and could not afford to put him through medical school. Jose has been in our Casa de Kids program for three years, and is now completing his fourth year in medical school and is excelling. He has a few more to go. He will be the highest educated person in his family. Jose demonstrates excellent organizational skills, as demonstrated by his recent university HIV awareness marathon attended by hundreds of runners.
Jose also helped Drew organize an earthquake relief trip in Fall 2017, after the devastating earthquake in the Istmo region. A caravan of 12 persons, in a van and semi truck, took much needed food, water and medicine to thousands of people who’d lost their homes. While the trip was very emotional, Jose demonstrated strength under pressure! We are very proud of him.