Montserrat Cruz is now in her final year of Veterinarian at the Benito Juárez Autonomous University of Oaxaca (UABJO), a public/state university in the city of Oaxaca. She is only the second person in her family to receive a higher education. Since she was little her dream was always to “be able to help care for all animals that surrounded her”.
During her busy schedule of classes, Montse interns at a local veterinary to support her studies. Huellitas Home is located in a marginated neighborhood behind the university she attends, in Colonia Cinco Senores. She got her job 1 year ago as school expenses where on the rise and family support was not possible. Here, she helps care for street dogs. Casa de Kids assists her with needed financial assistance so that she can keep up her internship and good grades.
When Drew interviewed her at the vet clinic, she said she wanted to work with animals, because “they reflect back to us what we feel, while sharing compassion and love when we need it; regardless of what we are going through, it seems as though they understand it.” Montse is always smiling specially when talking about her career. She always wanted to pursue higher education and now feels her dream is within reach! She will graduate in September 2020 and hopes to continue helping street dogs and all animals in general. Her hope is to be able to open her own vet clinic here in Oaxaca and help her family.