We at Casa de Kids would like to thank the many recent individual donors for their generous donations, most of whom prefer to remain private. You have enabled us to send a new female student to a local university, whose dream it is to become a teacher, and for us to send two new young men to attend local high schools.

We also wish to thank the members and friends of the following communities for their generous support to our non-religious work: Celebrate Life Spiritualist Community (San Francisco, CA), Fraternal Spiritualist Church (San Diego, CA), and Sarasota Center of Light (Sarasota, FL). Their donations have made it possible for us to fund over 20 students’ remedial classes preparing them to enter local colleges and universities; without which they would not quality.

Thank you for your love and belief in our world’s children! We know that even one educated child can help change the world. Thanks to you we are now sponsoring three full time college students, and two high school level students. We continue to support the residents of Casa Hogar orphanage as needed, for example supplementary foods, school uniforms and supplies, and hygiene items. In last twelve months Casa de Kids has hosted over 20 social events with these worthy kids. These were fun and educational events outside the orphanage, such as birthday parties,  graduation celebrations, museum outings, and recreational trips to local parks.

If you are inspired to donate to these amazing students’ ongoing expenses, your tax-deductible donation can be made securely on our website here, or you can mail checks to CdK to: 1717 E. Vista Chino #A7-410 Palm Springs, California 92262

Thank you.

Drew L. Vogt, CdK President & co-founder