Recently Jeanne and I hosted the first luncheon to meet with our ten new students and their moms.

A few relatives also showed up, but no dads. They all loved Jeanne’s salad and home made brownies.

CdK is sponsoring these five girls and five boys who were on a waiting list for sponsors, unable to attend school till someone “showed up.” Well, thanks to many of you, our CdK sponsors, we are able to do this.

They started out very shyly, but we used humor and games to break past that.

We also accepted an invitation to attend one their birthday parties (for Mario) a few days later. The party was in their home in a nearby village, where they graciously received us, dined with us, and so we celebrated Mario’s ninth birthday! CdK gifted him an assortment of school supplies he’ll need in August when he goes back to school.

We are glad their futures are looking brighter! Their mom’s smiles and appreciation is priceless. Thank you for helping to make this possible.

–Drew Vogt