Here’s our exciting news from Mexico!

Last Friday, June 3, 2016, representing Casa de Kids, my associate Jeanne and I were scheduled to meet with supervisors of a street children’s project. We were arranging to sponsor ten children’s education, here in Oaxaca, for one year each! So-called “street children” are kids who cannot afford to go to school and so they end up working in the streets alone selling trinkets while their parents (if they have them) are away or at work.

To our great surprise, when we arrived at the appointment, not only were the ten kids present–so were their moms! These five girls and five boys could not go to school due to lack of funds and were on a waiting list for sponsors. (Here in Mexico, public school is not “free”, there are fees such as uniforms, books, etc. without which enrollment is prohibited. Their appreciative moms were glowing with smiles while the kids were bright-eyed and beaming with promise. Several of them gave us little gifts, or wanted their photo taken with us. The shy moms gratefully shook our hands, seemingly in awe at such generosity by strangers for their babies. The amazing thing is that sponsoring all ten kids for one year each totals a mere: $2,500. USD!

Soon we will be able to meet individually with their families as well as receive report cards from their schools. We are thrilled by so many donors’ assistance that makes this possible. For every child we help out of poverty–we change the world!

We will keep you updated with more good news in the near future!

Muchas gracias for your interest and support!
In gratitude, Drew L. Vogt, CdK President, Oaxaca, Mexico.