Dear Friends of Casa de Kids,

CROPEDBPE_5834What a busy month it has been thus far! May 2 was our travel date to return to Sarasota for the third annual Cinco de Mayo fundraiser. Thanks to all of you who supported CdK in this endeavor and special thanks to JimmyLee Trautwein and Michael Mrazik for their countless hours of preparation. Together with their team of volunteers, this event was once again a great success–just ask anyone who attended.

Now back home in Oaxaca, life is getting back to “normal” but hasn’t slowed down one bit! Last evening, we celebrated Santiago’s 21st birthday by treating him to a nice dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Zocolo. (For those of you who don’t know, the Zocolo is the beautiful town center in Oaxaca. It is lined with trees, has a huge fountain, and is always bustling with activity.) Santiago is currently employed at a company in Oaxaca center doing computer work five days a week. He lives approximately 45 minutes out of town and rides a bus to and from his office every day. His dwelling is small, not allowing him the ability to prepare meals. So, most days, sandwiches are his only option. Dining in a nice restaurant was a rare treat and something, I believe, he will remember for years to come. It made my heart joyful to see him smile. What a fine young man he is! So much credit for the boys’ successes are due to the “mother” they have in Lulu who has taught them life skills during their time in Procasa Hogar and continues to mentor them into adulthood.

My focus is now turning to Daniel. He is a teenager and struggling in school. His grades have been poor. But, I am convinced that with some effort on my part, CdK can find Daniel tutoring to help him over this rough period. I have already made a contact and plan to investigate further who might be best able to assist us in getting Daniel the help he needs.

Luborio is a young man who tries not to smile. He would like to but the need for dental work keeps his smiles to a minimum. Two years’ ago, there was a group of dentists from Michigan doing volunteer work in Oaxaca for a two week period. Perhaps there is another group of dental volunteers planning to visit. I know there is help out there–free or not! Dental work for Luborio could change his life. CdK can make it happen for this deserving young man.

Drew has watched these boys grow up during the years he has been travelling to Oaxaca. Now that we are living here, we can zero in on where the need is the greatest. Daniel and Loborio will be my focus until their needs are met. I will keep you updated on the progress. It takes time to make the contacts and implement a strategy. But, it will happen. Two years ago, when I was visiting Oaxaca for the first time, I realized that we only need to help one child and that child could change the world! That thought will remain with me for as long as I can make a difference. Together, the differences we make will be huge!

Proud Board Member of Casa de Kids