Dear Friends of Casa de Kids,

CROPEDBPE_5834Life in Oaxaca is everything I thought it would be and much more. I feel I have arrived “home” with a purpose. Drew and I have been living here since February 1. As you can imagine, it took us time to get settled into an empty house. I can’t tell you how many times I needed something only to realize I hadn’t brought it with me on the plane but had it “shipped” (the dreaded word!). But, finally, all the shipped items arrived mid-March. Another step closer to making the house feel like our home. In spite of all we needed to accomplish, we have been able to find time to focus on our true mission. We began reacquainting ourselves with the young boys ages 6 through 11 at Procasa Hogar in Oaxaca Centro. There are currently 13 boys residing in the orphanage under the direction of a wonderful woman named Lulu. She is their everything! Together with the boys’ athletic director, Enrique, Lulu somehow manages to truly care for each and every youngster. I can feel the good energy throughout the orphanage from the moment I walk through the door. The boys and staff are always extremely enthusiastic to see us arrive. But, not surprisingly, Drew can light up their little faces. During our first visit to the orphanage this year, we found Christian with two broken arms. He was unable to attend school or play with the other boys. Sad face ? I must say! When the time came to say adios, Drew had brought a smile to Christian’s face and a sparkle back into his eyes. I am happy to report that Christian has mended and is back in school and back to rough-housing (yes, rough-housing) with his friends.

Continue to follow our adventures and accomplishments in Oaxaca and learn how you can make a difference. We have only just begun!

Proud Board Member of Casa de Kids,
Jeanne Avery
April 22, 2016