Deborah L. Vogt — Acting Chair

Deborah L. Vogt is a fourth generation San Diegan, an entrepreneur, a life-long community leader, and mother of two. Deborah has spearheaded projects assisting victims of multiple fire storms in Alpine and Japatul, California, and worked with Feeding America, a United States–based non-profit network of food banks that feed more than 46 million people through food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and other community-based agencies. Deborah is actively engaged in supporting 315 orphans residing in five orphanages in Tijuana, Mexico, leading campaigns that deliver food, clothes and other necessities. She also assists young mothers in need of support.

Deborah has travelled to Oaxaca, Mexico, on several occasions delivering clothes to Casa de Kids students.

Drew Vogt — President/Co-founder

Drew Vogt is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Casa de Kids. His first experience in assisting Mexico’s children was with a successful fundraiser in 2003 benefitting an orphanage in Tecate, Mexico. Drew continued to explore ways to empower Mexico’s orphaned children and in 2007 became engaged with work in Oaxaca, Mexico, leading to a Directors’ position on the board of VIDA (Validating Individuals Deserving Autonomy), and later served for two years as President. This non-profit organization worked to improve the lives of children in Mexico through education and assistance with food and basic needs.

In 2008, Drew came to Oaxaca to work with orphaned children and fell in love with the city. Drew continued his work by leading annual retreats with people from the U.S. to Oaxaca to raise awareness and directly benefit children in need. His groups have donated over 1,500 items of clothes, school supplies and food. In 2015, Drew founded Casa de Kids.

Prior to founding CdK, Drew founded two successful spiritually-based non-profit organizations in Santa Fe, New Mexico and in San Francisco, California. He has assisted with community projects in Tibet, Nepal, and Tehran, Iran and in 2011 Drew studied grass roots solutions for communities in Guatemala with Rainbow World Fund. He taught English in Tokyo, Japan for one year, admires Japanese culture, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from San Diego State University, and is an oil painter in his spare time. He makes his permanent home in Oaxaca, Mexico, where he is dedicated to improving the lives of children. Drew says, “Education provides people the dignity and independence that everyone aspires towards.”

Jim Fralin — Director/Treasurer

Jim Fralin grew up in Virginia and from an early age his parents instilled in him the belief that it is incumbent on those who have the ability to help others to share their abundance. This deeply seated belief inspired Jim to become involved with organizations where he could share his abundance and talents.

Jim earned a BS in Business Administration from Mary Baldwin University and AAS in accounting from Virginia Western College. He is certified as a Project Manager Professional, Certified Fraud Examiner, Internal Auditor, Information Systems Auditor and has worked as a business process consultant.

Throughout Jim’s professional life, he has amassed a wealth of business experience in industries such as healthcare, technology, and public utilities. His work in compliance and accounting has taken him to many countries throughout the world.

Jim became acquainted with Drew Vogt’s Oaxaca work beginning in 2007 and ever since he has consistently supported all of Drew’s work with Oaxacan orphans and students. He is Casa de Kids’ Registered Agent in California, Treasurer, and Advisory Director.

Loren Rice — Advisory Director

Loren Rice, a native of the Pacific Northwest (in the United States), graduated from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, and then earned graduate degrees in Hospital and Health Care Administration at the State University of Iowa. After completing a residency in Seattle, Washington, Loren served in medical administrative capacity at the Oakland, California Naval Hospital.

He left the Navy as a Lieutenant Commander in the Medical Service Corp and became Chief Executive Officer of John Muir Memorial Hospital in Walnut Creek, California. In 1978 he established Loren W. Rice and Associates, a consulting firm assisting non-profits achieve excellence through planning, growth, development, structure, fund raising, marketing, and community involvement. 

Loren retired in Palm Desert, California, in 2000, but continues active community leadership in several non-profit organizations. Loren is a regular visitor to Oaxaca, Mexico, and assists in CdK activities.

Pamela Vazquez — Program Coordinator

Pamela Vazquez  was born and raised in Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires. She earned a degree in Foreign Affairs from the Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires and upon graduation went to work in New Zealand, Canada, and Mexico for the next fifteen years. In these countries, she worked in marketing, strategic communications and event organization.

Pam’s community-focused positions and her passion for service and education led her to Casa de Kids. She began as a volunteer and was quickly promoted to Program Coordinator. She is dedicated to serving Casa de Kids´ mission and creating a safe and loving environment for disadvantaged youth.

Pam is married mother of two children, and makes her home in Oaxaca City, Mexico, where Casa de Kids is based.


Honorary Cofounding Directors

In gratitude for years of service

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