Mishell’s Story of Passion

New student Mishell has always been passionate about the arts. Now that she has finished high school she is determined to continue studying. But since she’s the oldest of three siblings (in a single-income family) her career aspirations can not be taken for granted. 
Mishell’s father works as a construction worker when he can find employment. Her mom stays at home to care for her youngest brother. Casa de Kids has stepped in to make sure Mishell can fulfill her dream of an education.
Although she is only 18, she already knows what she would like to do after finishing her career: help communities express their sense of belonging through music.

Last month we (Pamela and Drew) visited her corrugated tin house to meet her family and bring you her story.

New Student, Mishell shared her story with Pamela, CDK Associate:
I am from Oaxaca city, I am 18 years old; I am the oldest of my two siblings and we live with our parents. My parents have shown me what it means to work hard to survive without a college degree, how to value money. They made great efforts to give me the possibility of going to school. I am finishing high school this Spring and will begin university this September. I have always liked the arts, painting, music and dance, and I have chosen to study music, especially the saxophone. 
In order to complete high school, I had to adapt to several schools with different teaching methods. Because our economy was hurting, during the pandemia, there were several workshops and training sessions I needed but couldn’t afford. Then I learned about Casa de Kids from one of their students who can assist me. Since my parents didn’t have a college education, their support of my success in education brings them great joy. I know they are very proud of me. They want me to do better for myself and to be recognized by doing what I love and by what makes me happy. I want to earn a university degree so I can do what I love most and be able to earn a living doing this. 
I would like to be known by promoting music, and then I’d like to help communities promote their own native music. Another one of my goals is to support communities’ music programs for children and youth. I want to inspire them to learn music. After earning my Degree in Music, I’d like to go on to earn my PhD. This is extra exciting as I understand I will be CdK’s THIRD student in the Arts.  My biggest challenge has been working as much as possible in my free time, to help my parents pay for my expenses and school materials. In Mexico, students must pay for their own books and various requirements. 
I would like to sincerely thank Casa de Kids donors for their support. Their donations are so important to me to make this journey possible. Thanks to them I will be able to realize my dream. Thank you. Mishell, 18, Oaxaca, Mexico 

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